Paris, Berlin, Warsaw Catch Spring Fever

December 21, 2015 – 07:30 pm
A brief overview of the weather across Europe is given in the above video.

A spring fever alert is in effect for much of northern Europe through the beginning of the week as April-like warmth remains over the region.

Conditions will feel more like April from Portugal and Spain into France and north-central Europe, including Germany and Poland. While temperatures will fall slightly during the midweek across Germany and Poland, no significant cooldown is expected over the week ahead. In fact, areas from southern France into Spain and Portugal will remain well above normal through at least Friday.

Saturday was the warmest day across most of the United Kingdom and Ireland, including Dublin, before a cold front and its showers brought cooling on Sunday.

The temperature high on Saturday in London climbed to 16C (lower 60s F) which was the warmest day since the beginning of November when temperatures reached 18 C (65 F) on the first on the month. High temperatures in London around 9 C (upper 40s) are more common this time of year.

With storms tracking north of the United Kingdom this week, temperatures will remain 1-3 C (2-5 F) above normal this week, despite several rounds of showers.


While much of western and central Europe saw increased warmth on Saturday, Warsaw, Poland, had to wait until Sunday to finally get a taste of spring. Warsaw saw drizzle and clouds on Saturday with a temperatures only reaching 7 C (45 F) during the afternoon. For Sunday, the city had a high of 12.8 C (55 F) which is almost 9 degrees C (16 degrees F) above the average of 4 C (39 F).

The week ahead will feature high temperatures between 7-13 C (45-55 F) in Warsaw and Berlin, continuing the streak of unseasonable warmth.

Meanwhile, after reaching a high of 68 in Paris, France, on Sunday, highs will be between 11-14 C (52-58 F) from Monday through Friday.


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