Road Tips: Matty's Bar and Grille

May 8, 2016 – 03:08 am

Matty's logoI was in Milwaukee recently and had some time to kill between appointments on the west side of town. It was getting close to lunch time and I was getting a little hungry. I had read about a place called and how they're supposed to have a killer burger. The only problem is that Matty's is out in New Berlin (pronounced BER-lin, not ber-LIN like in Germany) and it was a little bit of a drive from where I was. I put their address into my GPS and about 20 minutes later I pulled up in front of the bar on W. College Ave.

20109Matty's has been around since 1997 and is owned by Matt Anderson. Anderson transformed a sleepy little bar into one of the top destinations to watch sports in the greater Milwaukee area. While it's not as big as in downtown Milwaukee, nor does it come close to the number of televisions that Goolsby's has, it's more like a friendly little neighborhood bar that has better than average sports bar food. Their signature burger, the Smokehouse burger - part smoked beef brisket and certified black angus - was concocted by Chef Bob Nicholson who has run the kitchen at Matty's for the past seven years.20131 In addition to their burgers, Matty's also has a number of delectable sandwiches and their own in-house thin-crust pizza.

Matty's is situated in a building with a stone front around the entrance and it looks like the place has been added on to two or three times. It definitely had been added on to in the back of the place with their four seasons room which, in contrast to the main part of the place, features a high ceiling, large windows and an exit to an outside beer garden off to the side of the building. The main part of the bar area is more cozy than the open and airy four seasons room in the back.

I was greeted by a young lady who asked me if I wanted a table or to sit at the bar. I opted for the bar and sat down just as the noon news started on the television in front of me. On the back bar of Matty's, there was a somewhat sophisticated computer than controlled the multiple satellite receivers they had for receiving sports on their 18 televisions. Matty's subscribes to so they have access to every professional sports television package, as well as all the regional networks that feature college sports in the fall and winter.

Matts four seasons room 20130219_120135 20130219_120214 20130219_122630

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