Siener Van Rensburg – Berlin Wall Prophecy

August 23, 2015 – 08:22 pm
Berlin Wall germany Berlin Germany Divided In Twocuts it in two; then a (plough) share appears and shaves around
the lower section after which the block becomes a dried up aloe
stump. The share shaved somewhat deeper on one side of the

The remnant becomes a piece of cloth which winds around
the aloe stump, which in turn rotates. A large herd of blue cattle
goes south, passing a wall on their right.
He interpreted this vision as follows: Germany would be divided
after the war a sharp knife cutting the block in two). The Nazi
Party disappears from scene (the dried up aloe stump) and the
Berlin wall is built.

This is followed by the decline of East
Germany and the wall is destroyed, followed by the unification of
Germany, (a large herd of blue cattle going south).
Van Rensburg also prophesied the outcome of the war to a friend
and his son, Kallie: “Germany will not win the war, because the
world will once again speak about the powerful German Empire as
England was spoken about:

‘Britannia rules the waves’. We will
believe that Germany will never arise again because she ignored
that which God warns about in Isaiah 14;14: ‘I will ascend above
the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High.’
However, in time God will bestow mercy on the German people
again and they will rise to power…”

The New Germany
The father-in-law of ‘Tant’ Bessie van Rooyen of Hen- neman was a
long-standing friend of the Seer and he often told her of the
visions the Boer prophet saw:

“He (the Seer) predicted the Second World War and its outcome.
He said he saw Germany as a large black snake whose back is
broken and paralysed (losing the war). Then Van Rensburg saw a
white canvas covering (protecting) it.

It lay there for a number of
years and when it had healed, the canvas is removed. Now the
snake lifts its head and strikes towards the east—the Wall of
Shame is demolished and Germany is united again. Then Van
Rensburg saw the snake strike at a woman on a throne across
water and she disappears.

(According to this vision, he said the
Monarch (Queen Elizabeth) will lose her throne because of
Germany and it seems likely that there will not be a successor).

“However, as long as the snake lies there, Van Rensburg sees our
nation fighting amongst each other as never before. He also sees a
red (wooden) beam pressing down on our nation and when the
fighting is at its worst, dolerite rocks (bombs) fall on

Only then will the nation wake up and begin
uniting, and just when that happens, Van Rensburg sees the red
beam breaking and the snake striking at South Africa.”
After the Berlin Wall is demolished, the last purification of the
Boer nation begins—by means of betrayal, strife and dissension


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