First Taco Bell building may be demolished

July 3, 2015 – 12:08 pm

To: chrisinoc

To: chrisinoc

Yum foods or frito lay or whoever owns it has enough money to have it packed in styrofoam peanuts and sent anywhere in the world with champagne and a movie.

I saw a documentary where a motorcycle cop drove up to the location and Bell was working on the building. The cop asked Bell what he was doing. He told him and the cop said he’d like to invest some of his retirement money. He did and got rich.

Bell himself sold out years ago. It’s said that he like creating the business but he hated running it.

Ahhhh.back when a bean burrito was 10 cents .red or green

Went there with a girlfriend when I was a wee lad.

I worked at the one in Santa Cruz and thought it would be fun to visit the original.

I don't know if people would be nostalgic about the first time they had diarrhea enough to keep this building

To: Aliska

Richard and Karen Carpenter lived in Downey when they got their start in the music business. Maybe they ate there.

Karen Carpenter was just one beef burrito away from still being alive.

To: jttpwalsh

Thank you for sharing that. I think the Carpenters, when not working or performing, lived like ordinary people as much as possible just because that's the way they were. I've been catching up on their music and am in awe of their talent. Richard has always come across as very gracious and thoughtful. I've never seen any video or Q&A page that even hints at arrogance or rudeness to anyone.

I'd have probably bothered him for his autograph when I was younger. That must get to be a pain for famous people.

After I learned a little more about how their talents developed well I can't write out all I learned. I told myself, "it can't be an accident those two were born in a family and had talents that complemented each other so well. It had to come from somewhere" They had the advantage of plenty of records (Richard called his father's collection "eclecric" I only remember Les Paul and Mary Ford) but so did my sister and I. We could have not all but plenty access to music from very young.

We both took up music but never had anything close to the gifts the Carpenters had.

I learned that the father took piano as a child and had no interest; he became a printer, worked very hard. It turns out his parents (Karen and Richard's paternal grandparents) had been missionaries in China and when they returned (first to England then it gets fuzzy), both were accomplished pianists. They would have dinners and afterwards entertain with piano duets. i learned that from an article in the NYT.

Not too long before she died, she did ask for a taco.

Thanks for your reply. That’s quite a bit of information, I was not aware of most of it.

I lived behind the Dilday Mortuary, on Beach Blvd, in Huntington for a bit. I guess that was where Karen’s services were held. I did not know, but my roomate told me.

Sad story that such a fine talent passed before her time.

WOW. Just went to Youtube, looking at Carpenter videos.
Talk about “Holy Cow” moments. Thank you.

To: ExCTCitizen

Gemco was a division of the Lucky Stores, which was one of the largest supermarket chains in the west until being acquired by Albertson’s in the 1990s.

Gemco was similar to Target and Walmart except you purchased groceries in a separate part of the store. That was done because the grocery workers were union and the rest of the store workers were not.


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