UMC Kicks Off in Berlin

June 10, 2016 – 04:58 am

UMC_launch_group.JPGThe Urban Mobility Challenge: Berlin 2030 kicked off last Tuesday in Germany's capital city with a launch party at Rainmaking Loft, an international startup hub dedicated to nurturing local tech entrepreneurs. We were joined by 50 guests at the event.

The challenge builds on the fundamental question: “In 2030, what would an urban mobility system look like that is efficient, affordable, safe and sustainable for Berlin?”

The Local Motors Community spans the globe, so we provided the opportunity for our friends outside Berlin to join and participate via live-streaming chat. The kickoff event introduced and familiarized Berliners with Local Motors, while Community members got input about their ideas.

UMC_andreas_nelskamp.JPGSome of our guests at the event

Input for the Community

We invited transportation, urban planning and mobility experts to serve as jurors for the challenge. Many of them attended the event and answered questions about the different ways people of different cities work, commute and shop.

The Urban Mobility Challenge is divided into five categories: systems; logistics, freight and utilities; public transportation; personal transportation; and tourism and leisure. The jury members of these categories provided great insight and detail as to what makes Berlin and their fields of expertise so special and challenging.

UMC_launch_food.JPGPublic Transportation Solutions

Ralph Pinkernell, of Berlin's S-Bahn metro service, spoke of concerns about connecting the outskirts to the city center. The population is widespread outside the city, compared to Berlin's densely populated center. That makes public transportation inefficient, which creates what we call a "first-mile logistic problem."

Freight, Logistics and Utilities Solutions

Jan Kruska, from DB Schenker, said Berlin is becoming one of the major logistic hubs in Germany. Shipping companies are relocating central operations to Berlin as a result. A current challenge is keeping up with the increased demand that e-commerce has created for delivery of goods to end users. Mr. Kruska added that outflowing logistics is just as important as goods coming to the city. When thinking about their designs, community members should consider logistics in these two dimensions, not just unilaterally. For example, waste must also be managed and transported.


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