Airline Disruption Management Solution Featured at ITB Berlin

November 6, 2015 – 06:06 pm

The Amadeus stand at ITB 2015Thousands of travel industry players gathered for ITB Berlin 2015 and I had the opportunity to talk about the Amadeus Personal Disruption Companion, which we launched late last year in partnership with TAM Airlines.

During the ‘Mobile Solutions In Incident Management’ event – I talked about how this first of its kind airline solution completely rethinks how disruptions are managed with a more customer centric approach in mind. Event attendees were especially interested in the insights on the pain points in operational procedures during a disruption which offer enormous potential to save the airline’s reputation by making things automatic and simple through technology.

Everything from tickets and EMDs to inventory updates, extra services, new boarding passes, and baggage transfers are handled by the solution, while empowering airlines with personalised and intelligent merchandising opportunities.


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Airline in Berlin.wmv
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