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airberlin route map - North America destinationsL.A. (w. Miami stopover): from EUR717 / DKK4657 / NOK5511 / SEK6741

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NEW YORK: from EUR575 / DKK4661 / NOK4745 / SEK5053

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airberlin a330 long-haul aircraftExample fares only - please check actual fare when searching and booking flights with KILROY and airberlin.

airberlin Route Network

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airberlin fleet

The airberlin group has one of the youngest fleets in Europe. They regularly replace their aircraft, which means that they are always at the cutting edge of technology. As a result airberlin can ensure that the fleet remains safe, economical and environmentally sound.

Economy class on airberlin long-haul flights

Enjoy superior comfort in Economy Class on airberlin flights. Excellent service and new ergonomically-shaped seats on long-haul routes transform your flight into a relaxing and comfortable travel experience.

airberlin In-flight entertainment

airberlin friendly inflight serviceA new comprehensive Inseat Entertainment system ensures that there is something to suit your individual taste.

  • each seat is equipped with its own monitor
  • individualised entertainment programme: box-office hits, TV series, games, music albums and audio books
  • more than 200 hours of programmes to choose from
  • each seat has its own USB port

You will receive headphones free of charge on board. If you prefer, you can of course use your own headphones.

Improved comfort and more leg room

airberlin aiport checkin - manualAll seats on long-haul aircraft have:

  • padding in the lower back area
  • an anti-thrombosis foot-rest
  • a generous seat pitch
  • a back rest which reclines 15 cm
  • plenty of freedom of movement

Menu and drinks on long-haul flights

As a passenger in airberlin Economy Class you will receive excellent service at all times. On long-haul flights airbelin will pamper you with warm food, a cold meal, snacks and a wide choice of wines and various non-alcoholic drinks such as coffee, tea or fruit juice.

The selection of complimentary drinks has been extended to include a choice of aperitifs, wine, sparkling wine, beer, liqueurs and spirits.


Kalypso Media Air Conflicts - Playstation 3
Video Games (Kalypso Media)
  • Jump into the Cockpit - Fly more than 16 aircraft from both World Wars, including classic biplanes like the Sopwith Camel to the Messerschmitt BF109 and the Spitfire.
  • Customize your Aircraft - Add speed or maneuverability as you shred your enemies in vicious aerial dogfights, leveraging airplane customizations that best match...
  • Battle in the Real World - 24 real-world inspired maps including Berlin, Belgrade, Slovakia and Tobruk will challenge your battlefield piloting skills across 7 campaigns...
  • Aces and Rookies Welcome - Newcomers can jump in and play quickly, thanks to the accessible arcade controls. Combat aces can switch to simulation-styled controls...
  • Take to the Skies with Friends (or Enemies) - Show everyone you re an ace in four player Dogfight, Team Dogfight, Capture-the-Flag and Destroy & Protect multiplayer...

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